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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Survey Anaylsis

Survey Results Analysing

 From my first question I was able to see that the majority of people enjoy to watch Horror films, this suggests to me that maybe the best opening sequence to create would be a Horror because most people like to watch these types of films.

From the responses i took a screenshot of why people liked the genre Horror.
From these responses I understand that the people like the genre Horror because they know that they will be scared and they will go home satisfied, which doesn't always happen in action films because the action may be disappointing or a bit cheesy and over the top, which doesn't occur in Horror because the audience are constantly being scared even if it's too much they will still get scared because they can't help it.

From these responses I know what some peoples favourite opening sequences are, which means that I can watch these opening sequences and break them down and work out why they like these opening sequences and I can take ideas from them to put into my own opening sequence.