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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Conventions of Opening Sequences

Movie Company Logo Sequences

The logo consists of 24 stars because it was a tribute to the then current system of contracts for actors, since Paramount had 24 stars signed at the time. The logo began as a somewhat indistinct charcoal rendering of the mountain ringed with superimposed stars. The mountain used wasn't a real mountain, apparently it was a drawing by W. W. Hodkinson. This logo has a lot of relation to the company when it started up and involves only things that relate to the company.

This logo was designed by a special effects matte painting artist called Emil Kosa Jr. Originally the 'Fox' was actually 'Pictures' but in 1935 they decided to change it to 'Fox'. This logo is in the Art Deco design movement, which suggests that it was the design movement which was very big at the time that it was created and the artists just edited the CGI of the logo as the technology got better, the latest update to the logo was created by Studio Productions. The music used in this logo sequence is very well known and when it comes on everybody knows what company it relates to.

This logo sequence strongly implies the name of the company through the use of the editing and the soundtrack which is used. The soundtrack is very 'dreamy' and it makes the audience relax when they hear it because it makes them feel sleepy because of the light hearted tone and the very slow pace of the music. The editing implies the companies name because it is very clearly set at night, and it is a very unrealistic sequence, which implies that it is a 'dream' because you can only do unbelievable, unrealistic things in your dreams. The fact that there is someone fishing from the moon, implies the night time, dream theme and the fishing part strongly implies the dream because it is impossible to fish from the moon.

From completing this, I have learnt that most of the companies logo sequences either have a very strong relation to their companies background, like 'Paramount' where the stars around the mountain relate to the companies very first star actors and the mountain was drawn by an artist at the company.
Also, I have learnt that these companies use a very notable and recognisable soundtrack, which can be recognised as soon as they are heard, this is very apparent with the '20th century fox' logo sequence because as soon as it came on everyone knew what it was and most people started to sing along to it; they knew it so well; you hear it all the time and it gets stuck in your head every time you hear t.