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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Music Choice - Chase Scene

This scene needs music that will create tension but also cause the audience to be intrigued by the action of the chase and make them want to keep watching to see the outcome. The music needs to be dramatic to create the most tension to keep the audience thinking if the runner will get away from the chaser. The music needs to be loud to cause the most impact on the audience and it needs to have a drop for when the runner trips over and then it will switch to another genre of music. The best music will be upbeat because it implies the running of the scene instead of a slower soundtrack because slower music implies something is about to happen so the trip will be more expected if the music is slower than it would be if it was very sudden at a drop in an upbeat soundtrack, which in turn will create more tension because even though it will be expected it will be more of a surprise if the music is faster than slower.