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Friday, 25 October 2013

Conventions of Opening Sequences

Editing And Transitions In Opening Sequences

Predominantly in opening sequences the main editing effect used is a fade; this implies a montage/flashback as if the main character is remembering what happened during the film or in some cases the previous film. It is also used to take away text and replace it with different credits if it isn't being used to create a montage effect. This effective because it keeps in flow with the opening sequence and it doesn't look out of place, where it would if it just appeared on the screen with no effect. Similarly, the camera pans across to a new credit, which keeps the flow of the opening sequence fluent and doesn't cause it to look abrupt and out of place. An example of this form of transition is in the credits for 'Panic Room'.

There is usually a use of sequence shot where there is both a long take and sophisticated camera movement. The use of the sequence shot allows for realistic and dramatically significant background and middle ground activity. This makes the opening sequence a lot more realistic for the audience.