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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Final Filming Location

Sparrows Den

We have decided to film in Sparrows Den Woods because it gives off the correct and wanted natural lighting to create the most tension for the audience so that it isn't too bright so that it doesn't give off a creepy and eerie scene and mood type. Also, it is very close to everyone and has paths feeding through the woods although we aren't going to use them directly but we will have a rough idea of where we are because the other woods don't have any paths feeding through and if they do they aren't very recognisable, which we need as the last scene will be on a path.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Film Title

The title of our film will be based on the person running away from the chaser betraying the chaser by taking something from him that was very special and personal to him, which he wants back, which is displayed in the opening sequence.
Our first thoughts on a title was 'The Secret Betrayal' but after talking about what could be the storyline of the rest of the film we have favoured the name 'The Unknown Betrayal'. This is because it sounds more discrete and it adds more mystery to the rest of the film and what may happen throughout.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Opening Sequence Companies

In our opening sequence we need to decide what companies we will have displayed such as, paramount pictures, 21st century fox, film 4 and many more. The choice of the company we choose declares where the film will be shot and what the budget will be; if we choose film 4 it implies it is a low budget film and will generally be shot in England and then produced by someone like Warp Films. On the other hand, if we choose bigger names like paramount and dream works then it implies the film is a hollywood film and has a bigger budget than those funded by film 4.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Our Production Company Logo

This is our draft production company logo that we are planning to use in our opening sequence. We are planing to have the film strip spinning to the right as if it is playing something and then have the text "open-ended" enter the screen from the left and move to the right and stop in the centre of the screen and have the text "productions" enter the screen from the right and move to the left and stop in the middle of the screen as well.

We are planning to do this because right now the logo is very simplistic and it may look very dull and boring to the audience.

This is the type of thing we would like the film strip to do because it makes the logo more interesting than just an image of a film strip.

Production Company Logo Ideas

For our opening sequence we need to come up with a production company logo. In this post I will display image of logos, which we are thinking of basing our logo on.
This logo is very simplistic and the name literally describes what the image shows. The font is very dark and implies that it has a deeper meaning behind the choice of font, this is because it is a faded/destroyed type of font, which is used for war and apocalypse films but in a company logo it implies that there is a personal reason behind the choice of font. The image itself is quite boring as its just a lower case 't' which could be seen to look like a cross to those that only look at the image and not the name of the company. The colour of the logo may also be part of a deeper meaning.
This logo is very simplistic but it relates to the type of company that it is because of the image used, which is meant to be a camera, which implies filming. The image helps the viewer know what type of company this is. There is a wider choice of colours compared to the previous logo, the majority of the colours are seen to be feminine, which might suggest the company is run by a woman or it has more women under the logo construction, also it could be used to brighten up and make the logo more interesting because if it was all black then it would be seen as being boring to the viewer.
This logo is very plain and quite boring because it only has 2 colours, there is some change in the typography because one word is bolder than the lower word. The 'o' in locked has a keyhole in the middle, which makes the logo multimodal but it does not make the logo more interesting to look at.
This logo implies that it is a film related company because of the film reel being the 'o' and the film strip being an underline under the companies name. The use of the colour purple brightens up the logo and makes it more eye catching to the audience. The font is very simplistic and can be seen as being boring or plain for some of the viewers of this logo. The fade around the outside of the logo makes the name of the company the centre of attention as it makes it look like it is under a spotlight and that it is all you need to look at.

Importance of Trailers

The trailer is the main link between the film and getting people to watch the film because if the trailer isn't shown to them they will not want to see the movie; they have never heard of the movie nor have they seen any evidence of what genre the film is and whether or not it looks good enough to pay to watch it.

Also if people do see the trailer and they way it is edited and the camera quality is poor it'll put people off wanting to watch the film; the trailer doesn't do the actual film any justice.

This highlights that the trailer is very important because without one the film wouldn't be exhibited and if the production of the trailer is very poor it'll cause people to not want to go and watch the film.

The main reason of a trailer is to promote the film it is trailering, if it does not do this well enough people will not go and watch the film.

In addition, trailers display the most important parts that relate to the genre off the movie. For instance, if the film is an action film the trailer will display a lot of action and have the dialogue of the movie playing in the background. This is so that people see what they want to see from an action film in the trailer but they also hear some of the main dialogue in the film in the trailer.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Music Choice - Horror/Thriller scene

This is the part of the opening sequence where Victor Merryfield has fallen over and the chaser Wayne Walker slowly enters the shot.

This scene will need a slow soundtrack to create tension and also it will cause the audience to get more scared than they would if it was a faster soundtrack because it wouldn't give the right mood to the audience because a fast soundtrack suggests action when we need the mood to be horror. The soundtrack needs to have a high pitch with sharp notes because from personal experience it creeps the audience out and if this type of music is played it will create a mood of horror and make the audience feel as if they are in the scene with the actual actors.

Music Choice - Chase Scene

This scene needs music that will create tension but also cause the audience to be intrigued by the action of the chase and make them want to keep watching to see the outcome. The music needs to be dramatic to create the most tension to keep the audience thinking if the runner will get away from the chaser. The music needs to be loud to cause the most impact on the audience and it needs to have a drop for when the runner trips over and then it will switch to another genre of music. The best music will be upbeat because it implies the running of the scene instead of a slower soundtrack because slower music implies something is about to happen so the trip will be more expected if the music is slower than it would be if it was very sudden at a drop in an upbeat soundtrack, which in turn will create more tension because even though it will be expected it will be more of a surprise if the music is faster than slower.

Sound Choice Throughout Opening Sequence

Throughout our opening sequence we will have 2 main genre's of music that will be playing in the back ground. The first and the longest will be an action chase scene type of music such as music played in main chase scenes in James Bond films. The other type of music that will be played is a scary, high pitched, tension creating type music, which is played in horror movies when something bad is about to happen. This will be played when the first person has fallen over and the chaser slowly walks up to the first person.

This is a soundtrack from "The Dark Knight Rises" from 1 minute 42 seconds we could use this music clip for the chase scene as it implies the action of the chase but it also creates the tension that we would like to be present. At 3 minutes 10 seconds up to 3 minutes 40 seconds we could use this for the main part of the chase and also the falling over because there is a large drop where the first person could trip and then the music could cut out and the only sound could be heavy breathing. 

This is a soundtrack of a man breathing very heavily, we could play this after the chase scene music to create more tension, also from previous experience the shakier the breathing sound is the more tension that is built because it sounds like the person breathing is very scared, which is one main thing we are trying to put across to the audience.

This is a soundtrack from the horror movie "Insidious 2". From the very start of the clip the music is very creepy, scary and tension creating. We could play a high pitched sound like this when the chaser starts to enter the shot to create tension for the audience because the high pitches makes you feel like something very bad is about to happen.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Casting Shots

Mysterious Murderer - Wayne Walker (Josh Hoare)
To  create a character that looks very mysterious and stereotypes a murderer we have looked at previous films with murderers in them. The main stereotype of a murderer is that they wear dark clothes to blend in with their surroundings, which is always night time. Their face is covered or it can't be seen because of a hood making their face shadowed. They generally don't look formal and are dress very informally.
This image shows what we want our murderer to look like. Their face is covered and they are wearing thick black clothes. They look very suspicious and bland in with the night because of their black clothes.

Innocent Man - Victor Merryfield (Sam Wills)
To create this character we have looked at the victims of the murderers in films and in real life as well to create a realistic character. We have looked at what they are wearing and how they act and if they have certain accessories. We will have a character wearing very common clothes as this makes them look very normal in todays age, which is what most victims in films and real life look like.
In this image the victims of the murderer dress very normally, how you would expect normal people of the time that the film is set to dress, which is what we want our innocent person to look like, which will make it look more realistic to the audience.

Mise-en-Scene for Opening Sequence

- Knife
- Rock

- Forrest/Woods

Casting Shots

- Innocent man walking in woods = Victor Merryfeild (Sam Wills) 
- Mysterious Murderer = Wayne Walker (Josh Hoare)


- Victor = Black Trousers/Polo Shirt/Jumper
- Wayne = Leather jacket/Hoodie/Jeans/Trainers


- Dark
- Natural light (sun)
- Minimal light (light that gets through trees)

Draft Script