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Monday, 3 February 2014

Casting Shots

Mysterious Murderer - Wayne Walker (Josh Hoare)
To  create a character that looks very mysterious and stereotypes a murderer we have looked at previous films with murderers in them. The main stereotype of a murderer is that they wear dark clothes to blend in with their surroundings, which is always night time. Their face is covered or it can't be seen because of a hood making their face shadowed. They generally don't look formal and are dress very informally.
This image shows what we want our murderer to look like. Their face is covered and they are wearing thick black clothes. They look very suspicious and bland in with the night because of their black clothes.

Innocent Man - Victor Merryfield (Sam Wills)
To create this character we have looked at the victims of the murderers in films and in real life as well to create a realistic character. We have looked at what they are wearing and how they act and if they have certain accessories. We will have a character wearing very common clothes as this makes them look very normal in todays age, which is what most victims in films and real life look like.
In this image the victims of the murderer dress very normally, how you would expect normal people of the time that the film is set to dress, which is what we want our innocent person to look like, which will make it look more realistic to the audience.