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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Genre Choice

In my previous post I created multiple moodboards to try and help me and my group choose what would be the right genre of opening sequence to do and what would be the easiest genre to do.

Overall, from multiple pieces of research, I have learnt that horror is the most favourite genre and is probably the easiest to do. But speaking to my group members and other groups, horror is the most common genre being chosen because it is seen to be the easiest to create. 

After a discussion with my group members and we came to the conclusion that we should create a thriller opening sequence because it is easy to do with a good storyline and it can display multiple techniques. This is because it can contain conventions from horror movies but also action films so it consists of conventions of other genre's which will help display filming, storyline writing, acting abilities as it is hard to create a storyline for but if a good storyline is created the final sequence will look better than an ordinary horror or action film.