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Monday, 18 November 2013

Conventions of Opening Sequences

Narrative Opening Sequences

This is where the opening sequence tells a story, which sometimes actually tells you what happens during the film; the most common and well known example of this type of opening sequence is all of the 'James Bond' movies. In all of these movies opening sequences the story of the film has been told in the 2 minute intro but no one realises this because the producers use cartoons/anime characters so nobody catches on that it is showing them what is going to happen in the film.
In this opening sequence of Quantum Of Solace it shows the main points of what is going to happen throughout the movie, which the audience doesn't realise until they have watched the film and they think to themselves "I just watched that earlier in the credit" which is a very clever way to display the credits; nobody realises until later that the opening sequence has told them what's going to happen in the film.

Another prime example of an opening sequence that tells a story is 'Catch Me If You Can' this opening sequence tells the whole story of the film like 'James Bond'   

Most opening sequences are not in this style because they give too much of the film away, but if it is done correctly the audience will not know that the opening sequence is explaining what happens during the film. Normally, the narrative sequences are more interesting because they have a story behind them whereas the non-narrative opening sequences aren't as interesting because sometimes they make no sense or they are one city skyline.