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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Production Company Logo Ideas

For our opening sequence we need to come up with a production company logo. In this post I will display image of logos, which we are thinking of basing our logo on.
This logo is very simplistic and the name literally describes what the image shows. The font is very dark and implies that it has a deeper meaning behind the choice of font, this is because it is a faded/destroyed type of font, which is used for war and apocalypse films but in a company logo it implies that there is a personal reason behind the choice of font. The image itself is quite boring as its just a lower case 't' which could be seen to look like a cross to those that only look at the image and not the name of the company. The colour of the logo may also be part of a deeper meaning.
This logo is very simplistic but it relates to the type of company that it is because of the image used, which is meant to be a camera, which implies filming. The image helps the viewer know what type of company this is. There is a wider choice of colours compared to the previous logo, the majority of the colours are seen to be feminine, which might suggest the company is run by a woman or it has more women under the logo construction, also it could be used to brighten up and make the logo more interesting because if it was all black then it would be seen as being boring to the viewer.
This logo is very plain and quite boring because it only has 2 colours, there is some change in the typography because one word is bolder than the lower word. The 'o' in locked has a keyhole in the middle, which makes the logo multimodal but it does not make the logo more interesting to look at.
This logo implies that it is a film related company because of the film reel being the 'o' and the film strip being an underline under the companies name. The use of the colour purple brightens up the logo and makes it more eye catching to the audience. The font is very simplistic and can be seen as being boring or plain for some of the viewers of this logo. The fade around the outside of the logo makes the name of the company the centre of attention as it makes it look like it is under a spotlight and that it is all you need to look at.