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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Product Review

           Our final product has many strengths and weaknesses. The main strength that was highlighted was that our editing was very fluent and that everything linked together and makes sense. The font was all symmetrical and linked throughout the whole product, which made it look more professional instead of having mixed text fonts, which would make the product look like nobody has bothered to do the editing for this product. The effects to change locations worked well and the music choice adds to this because the final shot of the first filming location has the horror music starting, which implies to the audience that the actors having evil thoughts and then the music plays through until the chase scene. The match on action shots worked well as they made the product more fluent and they linked one area to another in the house and in the woods. The music choice worked well because it showed to the audience that one actor was having evil thoughts and then the chase music clearly implied there was going to be a chase from the first beat, which was loud and powerful, which helped assert the power of one actor over the other.
          The main weakness was the filming. Firstly, all most all of the shots were not stable and you could see the shaking in the final product; there weren't any clips that were completely stable except the shots that used the tripod - this can clearly be seen in the final product because the shots that use the tripod are a lot more stable than those without. There were multiple shots which had things such as bags in the shots, which weren't meant to be there, which then meant we had to edit them out and then make sure that the shot didn't look stretched and blurry because that was the only way we could get rid of the bags in the shots.
             Another strength is the location choice. The first location that we chose had decent lighting, but was too bright on the day we filmed and it was a good place to construct a chase scene because there were many paths that lead to different locations in the woods. Our second location choice was good as well because we were able to make a narrative to make the chase scene believable. The second location allowed us to explore more into the chasers lifestyle instead of just having him chasing the other actor.