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Friday, 25 October 2013

Conventions of Opening Sequences

Sound In Opening Sequences

This plays a very large part in setting the mood and tone for the rest of the film; if the music is pop and really happy and the film is a horror film like 'Insidious 2' the audience won't be scared because the music doesn't set up the tone of the high pitched sounds when something scary is presumably going to happen. For instance, when this is displayed and the music is all happy it won't be as scary as it would be if the music heightened and then stopped and then there was a scream; the mood wouldn't be set for the audience.

Overall, the sound used in the opening sequence sets up the tone and mood that will then be carried into the rest of the film.
In this soundtrack it creates the mood because of the multiple changes in tone from high to very high and the speed of the music picks up pace, which makes me feel tense because it makes me breathe faster and harder because it is making me worried that something is about to jump out and when it doesn't I start to breathe slower and become calmer but then there is a pause and a very loud, sharp and fast screech, which makes you jump; you expect the worst to be over. The pause creates an effect because you then realise that something else is going to happen and you can't stop yourself from getting scared.

In romantic films the sound used is very soft, calm and relaxing, which makes the audience happy because it makes them relax and enjoy what is happening in the film because of the mood being set by the sound. Whereas, in action films the music is very up beat and is very fast, which makes the audience tense because the sound makes the audience jumpy and makes them want to be in the action and be the character that is in the film because the of the sound use. For instance, if a calm, soft, relaxing sound was used in an action film the audience wouldn't be as tense because the correct mood wouldn't be put across because the action during the film wouldn't link to the sound being used.
If this scene had a different kind of sound other than a heroic soundtrack the audience wouldn't get the excitement gained from the use of the right soundtrack. This is because the mood/tone wouldn't be set, which in this case is excitement about the suit and all the other suits around him.