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Friday, 25 October 2013

Conventions of Opening Sequences

Camera Shots In Opening Sequences

The main camera shot angle that is used for opening sequences is wide shots when displaying the location for instance in the Forrest Gump opening sequence, but when the main character is introduced the camera angle switches to a mid-shot to close-up so that the audience get a clear look at what the main character looks like so they can create their own first impressions of the character.

Also in Forrest Gump there is the camera technique of tracking the feather, which makes the audience subconsciously do the exact same thing, this is effective because without knowing they are actually doing it they are learning everything in the background because they are following the feather which is floating from side to side of the screen showing different landmarks. 

Sometimes there is an aerial shot to also show the landscape, location and environment that the film will mainly be set in. This can be seen in the opening sequence to 'Home and Away', this allows the audience to see the main set location.