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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Opening Sequence Analysis

Dark Knight Rises (2012)

This opening sequence uses lighting very strongly to portray the mood of the film by using a very dark setting and making the images in the video black and white. This effect makes it look as if someone is tracking down Bruce Wayne and it implies that there is a very dark storyline involved with this film, It looks as if someone is developing photographs of each of the main characters, which implies that they are spying on them, which reiterates the idea of someone tracking them down.

The music used, builds up tension in the audience, which will be carried through into the rest of the film, this music builds tension because of the pitch, which is used. The pitch is very low, which reinforces the dark setting of the video and it heightens when the main actors are shown on the screen.

The movement of the text is very sharp and agitated, which causes more tension because it implies there is a lack of time and there is someone rushing trying to fulfil a task they have been set. At the end of the opening sequence the camera tilts up from the developing and it switches to the frozen lake and Batman's mask in cracked laying on the frozen lake. This suggests that something may happen to Batman during this film, whether it is him dying or he just gives up being Batman. This makes the audience think about what will happen to Batman to make this happen, this then causes tension for the audience because they don't want him to die but from the ending scene from the opening sequence this is strongly implied.