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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Conventions of Opening Sequences

Opening Sequences Credits

In this opening sequence, you can clearly see that the credit is in the very centre of the screen, which implies that the credit is very important and that the audience will know/ heard of this company. 

One main point of these credits is that there are multiple font sizes. The 'A' and 'Production' are a very small font and can barely be seen from the audience, which implies that this text is irrelevant and is not needed to be known by the audience. On the other hand, the text 'Steve Tisch/Wendy Finerman'  is very large in comparison, which suggests that it is very important to the audience and that they should know this information otherwise it would be the same font size as the 'A' and 'Production.

During the credits the main thing I have discovered is that the main actor/actress in the movie are always displayed first out of the other actors and sometimes they are displayed before the production credits begin; this is to show the audience that there is an A grade actor in the movie. Usually, the directors name comes at the very beginning of the opening sequence and then again at the very end. This is presumably to let the audience know who the director is to help them decide their first impressions on the film before it has even started; if it is a good director they will think the film will be good. On the other hand, if it is a director they think is bad or they haven't heard of they may not want to watch the film but it may also make them think "this may be better than their previous films" and decide to watch the film to see if the director proves his name worthy of being remembered by the audience.