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Monday, 10 March 2014


          After our initial filming session and compilation of our film we had to make a few alterations to the film so that it would be more entertaining and interesting for the audience.
          The main problem with our film was that we needed to add a narrative to the story because when it was watched the audience said that they didn't understand what was happening because it only showed someone chasing after another person, which is random when you watch it for the first time without an explanation. We decided on having the person being chased break into the chasers home and steal something personal and important to him. Also, this showed an insight into the chasers home life and it explained why he was chasing the other actor.
         We also got told that we had to make the shots darker because the natural lighting was too bright for them to see what was happening because the sun was shinning and reflecting off the camera lens, which made the whole shot a lot brighter.
          I hade to make titles for the film so that it made it look more professional. I decided to make titles explaining who was starring in the film and I made titles about what company produced the film, which made it look more professional.
          Effects had to be added to the sound because it was crackling when the old sound finished and the new sound started so I had to add a fade to the sound so that it faded out and in and didn't crackle. I did this to the text as well so that it didn't just appear and disappear without an effect, which wouldn't look as good or professional.