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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Second Alterations

          After our final film was finished we were asked to make a few more alterations to our product to get the best marks that we could get from the footage that we already had on the mac and camera's.
        We were asked to change the lighting settings because in the outside clips there was a problem with what had been done to the lighting, which made the film look dodgy and not very good; the light kept changing from really dark to really bright, whilst everything else in the shot stayed the same.
           I had to change a couple of the fonts because not all the fonts were the same so it didn't look symmetrical and didn't look as good as possible.
           I had to add fades to the first location in the film to the second one so that I had somewhere to place the title of the film so that it was clear the audience and so that it looked more professional than the shot changing randomly from 1 location to another.
          I had to change where the horror music started from when the outside scene started to when the chaser runs out of his back door and the camera shows a close up of his face - this is so that it suggested to the audience that he started to have evil or dark thoughts about the person who stole the thing from him.