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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Filming - Take 1

Yesterday, 4th March 2014, we scheduled to meet at the filming location to start shooting our opening sequence because we were at the point in our project where we were ready to start filming. We planned to meet at 4.30pm at Sparrows Den in West Wickham but there was a problem with me not being able to get to the location at this time because I live an hour away from the filming location and I didn't get home at 4.00pm and changed into my outfit by 4.30 so by that point if I left to go to the filming location, I would've gotten there an hour later whilst everyone else would be waiting for me to arrive. We then planned to get to the location at 5.30pm but then we couldn't contact the director Max Brindley, by the time we had gotten in contact with him it was too late for Sam Wills to turn up because he had to go to football.
So in conclusion, our first attempt to start filming was a massive fail and wasn't planned very well at all. We have planned to meet on Thursday 6th March at Sparrows Den for our second attempt of filming our opening sequence.