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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Analysis of Filming

Successes and Failures of the Filming Practice


In the filming task we were able to get all the shots that we planned to use, which were: Match on Action, Rule of Thirds and 180 Degree rule.
This allowed us to make the video look very realistic as if the person watching the video was actually in the video, talking to the people because of the 180 Degree rule and the use of Match on Action to make it look as if the viewer was the person opening the door and shaking hands with the other people.


This video failed because the very first clip is very blurry at the beginning when I walk up the stairs, this would look better if the footage started with me behind the wall and then walking up the stairs because it would look more believable and less blurred. 
Another failure is when I enter the room the video jumps straight to a hand shake where the last shot shows me only just entering the room, which looks very unrealistic because it looks like I have jumped a few metres from one shot to the next shot.