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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Sound Choice Throughout Opening Sequence

Throughout our opening sequence we will have 2 main genre's of music that will be playing in the back ground. The first and the longest will be an action chase scene type of music such as music played in main chase scenes in James Bond films. The other type of music that will be played is a scary, high pitched, tension creating type music, which is played in horror movies when something bad is about to happen. This will be played when the first person has fallen over and the chaser slowly walks up to the first person.

This is a soundtrack from "The Dark Knight Rises" from 1 minute 42 seconds we could use this music clip for the chase scene as it implies the action of the chase but it also creates the tension that we would like to be present. At 3 minutes 10 seconds up to 3 minutes 40 seconds we could use this for the main part of the chase and also the falling over because there is a large drop where the first person could trip and then the music could cut out and the only sound could be heavy breathing. 

This is a soundtrack of a man breathing very heavily, we could play this after the chase scene music to create more tension, also from previous experience the shakier the breathing sound is the more tension that is built because it sounds like the person breathing is very scared, which is one main thing we are trying to put across to the audience.

This is a soundtrack from the horror movie "Insidious 2". From the very start of the clip the music is very creepy, scary and tension creating. We could play a high pitched sound like this when the chaser starts to enter the shot to create tension for the audience because the high pitches makes you feel like something very bad is about to happen.