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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Proposed Camera Shots

When the first person is running have a track shot so it looks like they're being chased/followed
Point of View
This will be a shot from the first and second person showing what they can see. This makes the audience feel as if they're actually there. The first person will show the woods and the second person will show the first person but in the distance. The following image is an example of what a P.o.V shot looks like.
This will be a wide shot of the woods, the first person running will enter the shot on the left and whilst he is running through the woods, the shot will pan around (almost following him across the woods), once the shot gets to a certain point the person running will exit the shot to the right. This shows the location as well as the people in the opening sequence. The following clip is an example of a pan shot but in our shot there will be someone running through the shot.

Upwards Tilt
This shot will be almost a point of view shot from the fallen persons view. It will start off showing the woods at ground level and then will tilt upwards towards the sky showing the ceiling of the woods. The chaser will then slowly enter the shot from the bottom of the shot, which makes them look powerful and in control of the fallen person.
Match on Action
This shot shows the lead up to an action and then a close up of the following action that was built up to in the previous shot. This means that it jumps from a mid to close up shot. In our opening sequence this can be used when the first person is running away and trips over an object laying on the floor of the woods. The lead up to the falling can be the person running and then the close up can be their foot hitting the object and then it could switch back to a mid/wide shot of the person then falling over.